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Glenview’s Program Has Tremendous Value for BHPH and Dealers Seeking Capital and New Financing

Using a capital provider like Glenview Finance has several benefits for buy here-pay here retailers and dealers looking to add another financing source for deep subprime finance they cannot get funded elsewhere. Glenview’s program also presents a great opportunity to add to your cashflow during the income tax refund season that’s occurring as you read this.

Benefits for retailers include:

  • Access to financing: BHPH and retail dealers offering subprime financing serve customers with poor credit who qualify for few traditional financing options. Glenview offers financing options for these customers that help dealers generate more sales, increase cashflow, and provide often much-needed access to relatively low-cost capital. We have an extensive background in proper compliance to properly service customer accounts.

  • Improved cash flow: By partnering with Glenview, BHPH dealers receive payments for their financing portfolio (and new finance contracts) more quickly and consistently. This immediate access to capital has numerous benefits for the retailer such as acquiring new inventory and infrastructure improvements.

  • Improved efficiency: Glenview takes charge of the many administrative tasks associated with financing, such as underwriting, collections, and repos. Again, this frees dealers from the numerous functions and allows them to be more efficient and focus on their core enterprise.

  • Proficiency: Glenview has years of experience and expertise with the auto finance marketplace, especially the deep subprime industry. This knowledge and aptitude is shared with our partners who look to grow their business and improve operations. When our clients succeed and become more profitable, so do we.

Using Glenview’s services and expertise provides retailers with excellent, relatively low-cost access to financing. Glenview’s program improves cashflow, reduces risks, improves dealership efficiencies, and provides extremely valuable expertise. Full details on Glenview’s program HERE

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