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Glenview's Credit Builder: Transforms Subprime Auto Financing

Subprime auto finance companies have become increasingly cautious with subprime and deep subprime contracts. Major finance firms have tightened their credit standards, and some smaller regional businesses have exited the marketplace. Glenview, conversely, rolled out its new Credit Builder program in January and has since made significant inroads in the subprime market.

This innovative program provides clear box program guidelines, personalized decisioning, quick funding, and world-class customer service.

Glenview Finance took a meticulous approach to developing and introducing the Credit Builder program. The soft rollout allowed the company to fine-tune the program, ensuring it met all personnel, procedural, and policy goals. The result was an offering that dealers readily embraced. The program now funds over $1 million a month, and the growth continues unabated.

Designed for franchise and independent dealers, Credit Builder's point-of-sale financing experience is simple, intuitive, and efficient. Dealers can access all relevant information, including terms, conditions, incentives, and pricing tiers, in just two concise pages. The streamlined process is made possible through the widely available DealerTrack financing platform, making it convenient for automotive retailers to apply for the program.

One of the program's key strengths is its ability to deliver fast funding decisions. Glenview's underwriters benefit from sophisticated technology, enabling them to make swift decisions when deals align with the Credit Builder's parameters. This agility ensures dealers and their customers can get funding promptly.

Credit Builder's competitive rates and flexible terms give it a distinctive edge in the subprime financing marketplace. The program's empowerment of underwriters to match or exceed competitors' offerings ensures dealers receive the best possible terms for their customers.

The Credit Builder program extends financing to a broader range of customers, empowering them to purchase the necessary vehicles. With minimum FICO scores as low as 500, a reasonable six-month job history, and a manageable down payment, more customers can qualify for financing. This inclusivity opens up opportunities for dealers to serve a diverse customer base.

Credit Builder provides a new source of subprime financing and a fresh perspective to dealers and customers alike. Call Glenview Finance today at (877) 413-5929 and select Option #1 to learn more about how Credit Builder can help you grow your business.

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