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Revolutionizing Subprime Auto Financing: Glenview's 'Credit Builder" Program

In the fast-paced digital age, automotive retailers constantly seek innovative solutions to meet consumers' ever-more demanding expectations.

Glenview Finance, a leading player in the automotive subprime finance marketplace, has achieved remarkable success with its innovative subprime automotive finance program, "Credit Builder."

Glenview introduced the Credit Builder program in January 2023 after 24 months of development. The testing and soft rollout were designed exclusively for today's automotive retailers to ensure the utmost satisfaction from dealers and their customers. Though backed by sophisticated technology, Credit Builder relies on quick personal decisioning and rapid funding — two requirements demanded by numerous dealer surveys.

One of the key elements of the Credit Builder program is its simple and intuitive point-of-sale financing experience. All relevant information, including terms, conditions, incentives, and pricing tiers, is presented concisely in just two pages. If the consumer's financial circumstances and the vehicle meet the program guidelines, decisioning can be made quickly. This streamlined process allows dealers to conveniently apply for the program through the widely available DealerTrack financing platform.

The Credit Builder program's efficiency is further amplified by its fast turnaround times for funding decisions. Glenview's National Sales Director, Kyle Heintschel, said given that the dealer provides all the required information, financing decisions can be made within minutes, with funds provided within hours or the next day. This agility aligns with industry standards and reduces the chances of customers seeking financing elsewhere while waiting for a decision.

Glenview's commitment to excellence is evident through its underwriting. The program empowers underwriters to match or exceed any direct competitor, providing dealers and their customers with the best terms, rates, and net proceeds.

The Credit Builder program is designed for both franchise and independent dealers.

"We cater to small, single-point operations and large dealer groups," Heintschel said. "At a time when subprime financing has become more challenging to locate, the Credit Builder program fills this crucial need.

This enables dealers to expand their customer base and move more inventory — profitably.

Credit Builder is available to dealers across nine Midwest and Southern states, and its footprint in the marketplace grows daily. The program has rapidly gained popularity with its swift funding decisions, competitive terms, and efficient communication.

Call Glenview Finance today at (877) 413-5929 and select Option #1 to learn more about how Credit Builder can help you grow your business.

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