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With my new capital provider deal, how will my customers be affected?

If a customer pays their bills on time and doesn't become delinquent, they won't notice a big difference and their experience between you and Glenview Finance will continue to be smooth. Customers will be directed to make their payments directly to us. If their account becomes delinquent, they will communicate and negotiate directly with us. We have highly professional trained staff that treats customers very well. We do not use any auto dialer technology, as we want to ensure that when we call customers, there is no interruption in great service and a live U.S based agent is on the line. That's one of the several benefits of a capital provider's service - the divide between new customers in your showroom and then the customers who need to pay their bills. This set up removes the potentially negative encounters a potential or new customer may have with an existing customer who needs to discuss their past due loan.

We also have the benefit of servicing thousands of other loans from dealerships across the country, so there are more opportunities to get customers back on track to pay so money keeps coming in.

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