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How Glenview Finance's Credit Builder Program Can Boost Your Subprime Sales

As an auto dealer, you know that subprime customers are a valuable source of revenue for your business and are underserved in the marketplace. Securing financing for these customers, however, can often be a challenge. Glenview Finance's Credit Builder program focuses on deep subprime financing and assists modern automotive retailers succeed financially.

At Glenview Finance, we understand that the subprime market is complex and competitive. That's why we've developed Credit Builder with sophisticated, smart algorithms that assist our underwriters in making quick decisions that benefit both our dealer clients and their customers. For example, our simple and intuitive point-of-sale program concisely outlines all terms, conditions, dealer incentives, and pricing tiers in just two pages, making it easy for sales teams to understand and sell.

But it's not just about simplicity — our Credit Builder program is also incredibly fast. When a deal meets our parameters and all the boxes are checked, we can decide in minutes and provide funding within 48 hours. This fast turnaround time is crucial in today's market, where customers demand and expect quick financing decisions.

Moreover, our underwriters have authority to match or beat any direct competitor. Whether it's dealer net proceeds, the rate, the term, or all three, we are aggressively competitive.

We offer financing to customers with a minimum of a 500 FICO score, six months on the job, a $1,500 down payment, and a $25,000 maximum amount financed. Contract terms vary by vehicle age ranging from two years old and newer to 60 months and 8-10 years (max) to 39 months, and mileage ranges from 50,000 miles to 60 months and 100,000-130,000 miles (maximum) to 39 months.

Our Credit Builder program is perfect for smaller retailers but can also meet the needs of larger dealer groups. With fewer deep subprime finance providers and tighter credit stips, dealers of all sizes need a program that makes good financial sense for them and their clients.

At Glenview Finance, we provide that personalized touch that dealers miss and want, with a program that helps them grow their business by providing capital and deep subprime auto financing for consumers.

Don't miss out on the subprime market opportunity — partner with Glenview Finance and take advantage of our Credit Builder program today. Call (877) 413-5929 and select Option #1 to learn more.

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