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Glenview Launches Mobile Payment App to Improve Customer Experience

(CHARLOTTE, N.C. March 2, 2020) Glenview Auto Loan Fund, LLC (Glenview Finance) has launched its all new Glenview RePay App for mobile phones and tablets on both the Apple App Store and Google Play platforms to facilitate payments from the automotive finance clients it serves, improve their customer experience, and ultimately improve the image and reputation of the buy here-pay here dealers with which they work.

Glenview Finance, provides lines of capital by purchasing retail installment sales contracts from independent buy here-pay here (BHPH) auto dealers. Its program, now available in 11 states in the Midwest, Southeast, and Texas, is designed for all independent auto dealers who want the ability to receive up-front cash flow, and participate in the back-end profit.

The Glenview RePay App works in tandem with its existing payment processing system, but affords its clients the ability to make payments when they are traveling, on a break at work, or from literally anywhere they have cellular or Internet connectivity. The detailed app allows the customer to update and control all private information, see all payment history, get notified of upcoming or late payments, and communicate with Glenview administrators directly.

“Many BHPH customers find it helpful to set up Payment Reminders” said John Donaldson, Glenview Finance president. “RePay will not only assist them in making their payments from their mobile device, the customer can direct the app to send reminders, and other notifications that improve their overall experience.”

BHPH dealers often sell a portion of their retail installment sales contracts to boost cashflow to grow their business. When this occurs, Glenview Finance takes over servicing of the contract and collects payments from customers. Despite the transfer of ownership of the contract, the customer still relates making their payments to the dealership.

“Enhancing the ability of the clients to make their payments through the use of technology reflects positively on the dealership that sold them their vehicle,” Donaldson noted. “Our dealers also benefit from improved performance of their portfolio of contracts they sold to Glenview. This enhances their profits through our ‘Back-End Profit PayShare’ program.”

BHPH customers typically have many credit challenges, but everyone today has a smartphone, and with this free app, available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, they can turn their phones into a tool to help them improve their credit by making timely payments, and keep them current with their payment schedule.

“Millennials, tech-savvy customers and many or our clients who are unbanked or underbanked love having an app to assist them in making payments,” Donaldson said. “It’s a feature all customers have come to expect, and we’re pleased to be able to provide a very comprehensive, user-friendly platform that will help our customers.”

About Us

Glenview Finance has been in operation for more than seven years serving buy here-pay here dealers by providing them with a unique program designed to assist them with growing their business by providing them capital. The company currently operations in 11 states on the Eastern Seaboard, the Midwest, and Texas. For more information contact John Donaldson, president, Glenview Auto Loan Fund, LLC at (704) 954-8489.


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