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Pay share program

Glenview Finance does ALL The Heavy Lifting!!!

Advance: 50% of the amount financed/current principal balance

Dealer Payment Share: 40% of
every payment collected. Once 
paid in full, dealer received 90% of
principal and 40% of the interest.

Amount Financed: Maximum of 
200% LTV (Based on NADA Clean
Trade Value >$3,000)

Term: 48 Months (54 with Glenview Gap and Warranty)

Age of Vehicle: Unlimited

Mileage: Unlimited

Servicing: Glenview Handles all the Servicing of the accounts with our US based Customer Service Center.

Down Payment: Minimum $1,000

APR: State max APR rates required

Titles: No Salvage or Branded Titles

Buyback/Re-Purchase: Should a contract default, the dealer would re-purchase the contract at 50% of the remaining contractual PAYOFF. 

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI):  Glenview has CPI that protects the collateral from DAY ONE!

Kyle Heintschel | National Sales Director

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